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The Seagull

It was such a beautiful day in Seattle and you knew it was going to be as the sun was rising. It was just one of those mornings where you wake up and you see the sun shining with nothing else in the sky and you know it’s going to be wonderful (we usually have clouds in the morning in Seattle). Anyway - I was excited to get out there this morning so I walked downtown and headed right for the one of the piers along the waterfront. To my disappointment I arrived a bit too late and the colors were pretty much gone, but I did capture a nice one of some boats in Elliott Bay.

After I was done on the pier, I began to walk towards my office when I came across this little guy just hanging out. We were in the shade and I liked how the tall towers in the background were all grouped. I chose a very wide aperture to get a nice blurry effect in the background with the focus on the bird (a pretty common seagull in this area). It’s not the most exciting picture, but if you want something more exciting, check out this version modified by my co-worker Rose.

Update on Feb 23rd: My friend Brian added his own version of The Seagull.

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